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Pod prikritie, „Undercover“, Sezon 4, Epizod 1

Pod prikritie, „Undercover“, Sezon 4, Epizod 1

Pod prikritie / „Undercover“

Pod prikritie / „Undercover“ is realistic and modern look at the underworld in Bulgaria. The series reveals in detail the psychology of crime and shows real life in the mafia and the police. For the first time viewers will understand what turns a man into a criminal and what lies behind the apparent cruelty and ruthlessness.

The stories in the film are drawn from real events that occurred in recent years in Bulgaria.

Pod prikritie / „Undercover“ is a classic crime series, full of suspense, psychology, dynamics, action and twists.

# # Director: Dimitar Mitovski

# # Cast: Ivaylo Zachariev Vladimir Penev, Michael Bilalov, Zachary Baharov Marianne Vulev and others.

# Country: Bulgaria

# # Year: 2014

# # Duration: 55 minute

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