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Gladiatori di Roma (2012)

Gladiatori di Roma (2012)

Gladiatori di Roma

Once was orphaned during the eruption of Pompeii, little Timo was adopted by Chiron – the founder of the largest school of gladiators in Rome. But Timo does not want to become a gladiator – instead spends his days full apatiya.Zavrashtaneto Chiron’s daughter, Lucy, however, change that. Unfortunately Chiron promised her hand to the son of the emperor. In order to win the hand of Lucy Timo will have to win the gladiator tournament on the opening of the Colosseum. Will help sexy Amazon, Diana.

Gladiatori di Roma 2012 photos

Gladiatori di Roma 2012 photos 1

# # Director: Indzhinio Strafi

# # Cast: Luke Argentero Laura Chiati Julian Hoag and others.

# # IMDB: Link to IMDB

# Country: Italy

# # Year: 2012

# # Duration: 94 minutes

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